15-year-old Bboy Scalio has now taken the winning position at the last three Young Guns B-boy competitions in Leeds.

Young Guns is a youth Bboy competition now in its sixth year, that takes place at the Speak to the Streets’ Fly Market monthly event in Leeds city centre.

We thought it was time to profile our champion.

Scalio pictured with Zulu King “Nana” and Bboy 10 Tonn

Scalio pictured with Zulu King “Nana” and Bboy 10 Tonn

(Note the hand-made trophy from Ethiopa. Speak to the Streets operating under their own fair trade)

Bboy Scalio
From Leeds
15 years old
Been B-boying since 2008

When did you first see B-boying?

My dad. I saw him get down once in my old house. I asked him how he did that so he showed me an old video clip of himself from 1984 and from that moment, I told him I wanted to get into that.

Do you train regularly?

Four times a week.

Who do you train with?

My crew the Shaolin Shadows & Beanz, Rawgina and other peeps at Leeds Uni.

bboy scalio fingerz and DMW

Scalio left. Bboy Fingers right. DMW middle

Who are your influences/inspirations in B-boy world?

My crew Shaolin Shadows, my dad, Beanz, Gina and 10 Tonn.

Which events have you travelled to?

Break Mission, UK Bboy Champs, Bring Back the Vibe, Savour the Flavour, Fresh Factory.

Do you practise any other elements in hiphop culture?

I used to DJ, and I’ve tried sketching up graff before.

Does b-boying interfere with school work?

Not at all.

What profession do you hope to take up when you leave school?

Still getting my head round that one!

Why do you love bboying?

It’s a fun way to express yourself. It makes me feel alive and the community is so friendly.

What makes a good teacher?

Someone who really know about where the culture originated from, has a good foundation of moves and has patience.

The Final: Fingers v Scalio

Judge on the day “Sammy The One” says:

“The competition was nice and Scalio well deserved to win. He is a great all rounder, he has footwork, freezes, power.”



Top Uk Bboy Beanz also judging on the day commented “Persistence pays off, for me Scalio is proof of this”

Nice work Scalio. And props to Richard Franks for guiding and inspiring his son.