First Young Guns battle 1st June 2008

Young Guns was launched as a competition for the under 18s. “The KIDS are the weapons” was the slogan. We needed a name for our youth battles which were just starting to be incoporated into the events.

The youth event was featured in The Times a few days after its launch as the reknowned peace campaigner Pat Regan (Shanes mum) was due to open the event. She never made it to Young Guns as that was the day she was killed in avoidable circumstances.
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Since then Young Guns has gone on to be a regular feature of our community Speak to the Street youth and family organisation.

“I want to see young people visualizing the positives rather than the negatives so “young guns” was wordplay, for when the words “gun” and “kids” are mentioned you would think of the Young Guns battling for honour and respect through dance and art.” Shane Fenton – The Guardian March 2011



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