As the British Grime culture continues to grow, there has become a developing connection with music that carries a message. Even as someone who is totally hip-hop orientated, I can’t deny the influence of grime when it is so clearly evident. You only have to look as far as Drake signing to BBK to understand the extent of Grime’s growth. The influence UK rap is having on the international music scene is indisputable.


Many would argue that hand in hand with this influence comes responsibility. Whereas previously Grime was only targeted at a very specific niche audience, it has become a revolutionary sound that is now exposed to millions of young listeners across the globe. This raises a question; is grime an appropriate genre to be the sound of our generation? To me, the answer’s obvious. Of course it is. Critics will say “grime promotes violence”, “Grime is infecting the youth”. By listening to “Time Fly’s By” by PaddyGFE, you’ll see that the accusations of critics are wildly wrong and many grime artists in reality expose real life inequality. The song documents real life and that is exactly why I rate it so highly.

Paddy Bdot

The track is a glowing example of grime music carrying a message and it’s because of artists like PaddyGFE that grime is continuing to grow at the rate it is. The message is applicable to every single person to have walked this Earth. As well as highlighting the importance of respect in this world, the track lays out the fact that irrelevant of what’s going on around you, irrelevant of how many people want to talk bad about you, you’ve got to keep moving forward and focus on your own grind.
It’s one of them tracks that you have to listen to a few times over in order for it to fully resinate – every time I hear it I uncover a new dimension to the song that I hadn’t recognised before. This is something that is not easily achieved. So often I listen to new music and hear lame, recycled lyrics about drugs, cars and pretty women; to hear something like this, with a lesson that is incredibly relevant to real life, is beyond refreshing and adds to the authenticity of the track and the artist.

“Time flies by” is yet another successful song to have come out of the Leeds music scene recently. It is so much more than just a commercialised rap song that sounds good. The excellent flow over a poignant beat is more than just your every day verse and a hook; it speaks to the streets.

Words Ben Freeman

Instagram & twitter: @_benfreeman