Started Bboying 1983

Major Titles: Bboy World Champion 96, 97 (UK CHAMPS)

Original member of the Second to None crew who took the Champs Crew title in 96 and 97. Second to None formed in 85 and continued to break through the late 80s early 90s when most of the original mid 80s bboys disappeared. When the new generation of bboys came through in the mid 90s Second to None won the world title at the champs 96, 97 and travelled across Europe dancing with Mauritzio and Battle Squad and making appearances on Top of the Pops and The Generation Game. Nick played a major part in a crew that inspired the world of bboying. Welcome!

A few Dirty 30s questions for Nick

1. What makes a good bboy teacher?

someone who explains footwork moves, freezes in a easy way and teaches old school foundations

2. Why is the Dirty 30s culturally important?

Its great to have people of this age still reppin,it gives great hope to the young generation !

3. Did you always know you would be a Bboy for life?

I didnt really think how long I was gonna bboy for. Its just what I do as I love the music and the energy it brings !

4. How has your attitude towards hip hop changed?

I still love it pretty much the same its just I don’t break as much but love the culture

5. How often do you train and who with?

i train 2 to 3 times a week with junk paul and a few younger dudes from poland spain hungery all over !

6. Will you ever stop Bboying?

not ever really – it will be when my body cant do it anymore

7. How did winning the world title change your life?

Doin the world thing was very exciting times for us and makes you feel that all the hard work is worth it

8. Best Battle?

best battle for me was against Style Elements at The Champs !

Complete this sentence: back in the 80s i wore…. red gazelles with fat laces blue lois cords adidas tracktop mush