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Year started Bboying: 1983

Main Titles: Winner of the International Bboy Battle of the Year 91 and 92

One of the most influencial figues in European Bboying history. Co-founder of the legendary (and we dont use that word lightly in D30s) Battle Squad (Storm and Mauritzio and co). In the late 90s a life changing injury forced Swift Rock into an alternative plan and he opened a hiphop store which is still going strong. He is actively Bboying again.

Here’s a fw thoughts from Swift Rock on the Dirty 30s

1. As a judge for Dirty 30s – What will you be looking for at the finals. Obviously it’s not about crazy flips.

The same I be looking at other Battles, a Bboys own style and moves, good energy, no mess-ups, B-Boy Style ( no House) , good answers, ….stuff like that


2. What do you think makes a good Bboy teacher?

Some one who gives the students the freedom to get their own style, otherwise everybody will dance the same.  Someone who let them know history without acting like: “thats how it was”, even if they don’t know exactly. (Better to tell : “as far i know, it was like that”…).

3. Why is Dirty 30s culturally important?

The culture gets older, so the dancers get older, and its just normal to day that there are dancers worldwide who are over 40 like me and still trying to get down ; )

4. Did you always know Bboying was for life?

Not it all, I always thought, Ok in one year I have to stop, but after a while I realised its to late for stopping,… and Bboying became a part of my life.

5. How does feelings towards hiphop change as you grow older?

There comes new feelings with Hip Hop every day, the same like in normal life.  But I still got the same feeling like back than when I am confrontrated with the old school situation!  Like movies, people, stories…

6.      Do you have any wisdom to the younger generation to try and avoid injury

Good stretching if possible, after and before, not just jumping in new moves, try them slowly first.  Don’t try heavy moves when you are tired, dont drink and dance…

7.      What advice would you give to a bboy who suffers a life-changing injury like yourself?

Take it as a chance to change your life situation.  There are always people who have bigger problems then you.. so be thankfull with what you have or had and not just frustrated.

8. Whats your favorite battle ever? 

…too many to mention, but always the real battles ( no Competition)

9. Can we have one good food tip to pass onto to Dirty 30s?

Nothing wrong with eating alot of fruit especially when you are dancing.

Finish this sentence.   Back in the 80s we wore……

Fat Laces to get recognized by other B-Boys/Girls!