As The British Grime Culture Continues To Grow

As the British Grime culture continues to grow, there has become a developing connection with music that carries a message. Even as someone who is totally hip-hop orientated, I can’t deny the influence of grime when it is so clearly evident. You only have to look as far as Drake […]

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Review: Chali 2na – Live At The Wardrobe, Leeds 21/01/16

Chali 2na is one of the most easily identifiable and respected MCs in the game; any hip-hop head will instantly perk up at the first syllable spoken in the Chicago rapper’s deep, recognisable voice. His work with Jurassic 5 has allowed him to develop and maintain a stellar reputation amongst […]

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Rhyme and Reason – Episode Five: We Don’t Stop

Bored of people who know no better complaining that hip hop is all just violence, misogyny and consumerism? People stuck in the mythical golden age complaining that hip hop today has lost consciousness? This month, the playlist takes aim at these arguments and lays them to rest.

Rhyme and Reason Episode […]

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LIVE REVIEW: Angel Haze @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds 13/01/16

Leeds can be a fickle place, and sometimes shows that look like stellar bookings end up as an almost empty room so it was good to see that, although not a sell-out, the room was pretty full by the time Angel Haze wandered on to the stage around 9.30pm. Not […]

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Isaiah Dreads – the young artist who’s about to make 2016 his year

Hip hop connection UK regular, ben freeman, picks the artist that he predicts will blow up this year. Anyone else we should be looking out for? Tell us in the comments.

Two years ago this young British rapper was virtually unknown but flawless performances at Leeds and Reading festivals in 2015, […]

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Rhyme and Reason – Episode Four: Best of 2015

What a brilliant year for hip hop! I couldn’t squeeze this into an hour, so here’s almost two hours of some of the best releases from the last 12 months.
Thanks for listening, and happy Christmas XX

Rhyme and Reason Episode 4: The Best of 2015 by Vicky T on Mixcloud


Intro: […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for December

It’s Christmas!! Season to guzzle down gaudy coloured cocktails that taste of shampoo on an empty stomach, pay five times the normal price for a taxi, five times the normal price to get into a club, and experience five times the size of a normal hangover every single morning for […]

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Live Review: Detonate Sheffield – Skepta and Jay Prince – Halloween 2015

We’re very grateful to the nice people from Youthclub Sound for reviewing this gig for us. Check out their podcast (the links are at the bottom of the page), if you’re a fan of left-field hip hop, electronica and grime, it’s a bit of a must. Big things to come […]

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Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown

This month, the playlist focuses on UK hip hop, mostly released in the last couple of years.

Hope you enjoy it!

Vicky T

Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown by Vicky T on Mixcloud

Akala – Sun Tzu
Chester P – The Sermon
Sonny Jim – Diablo (illinformed mix)
Activist – Struggle was real
Skuff (ft DJ […]

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Preview: – #Selected – 9th November

The nice people at #Selected asked us if we’d let people know about their event this week. We looked at the line-up and noticed it includes local-boys-making-good Dialect and Weezy Jefferson, as well as the most excellent Lady Sanity, and Empress Imani. So we said yeah, ok then. Worth a […]

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