As The British Grime Culture Continues To Grow

As the British Grime culture continues to grow, there has become a developing connection with music that carries a message. Even as someone who is totally hip-hop orientated, I can’t deny the influence of grime when it is so clearly evident. You only have to look as far as Drake […]

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Dirty Dapz

Dirty Dapz is my artist name

I am 27 from North West London

I wrote first tune about 12 year ago

My favorite place I ever performed was O2 arena big gig I loved it!

I do all style’s of music, I love music, only good […]

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Sarantis. That is my real name.

I have worked with labels like senseless records, black acre, loose squares and more and I have worked with loads of artists. Warrior Queen, Gala P, Crawler, Dialect, Pakz, Bongo Chilli, Juice, Korby and a lot lot […]

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Paddy started out as a B-boy back in 1998 with Breakers Unify then moved on to spoken word with Leeds Young Authors.

He started writing lyrics for music around 2002.

Paddy has worked with the likes of Big Narsty, Devilman, Flirter D, Dirty […]

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