Dead Prez Live @ The Wardrobe Leeds

Words by CHAOS27 (Floor Force / Zulu Nation)

So, got to the venue (The Wardrobe) to see the hip hop duo Dead Prez from US.

These guys have been rocking the mic for years with there classic lyrical content and fresh flows. I’ve been wanting to see them for a long time and tonight’s the night. As I walk into the place I hear a heavy baseline and a melodic rhythm coming from downstairs. .

Dead PrezUp on stage is support act Subculture Sage – MC sounds like a Londoner rapping with a nice flow and a DJ dropping strange echoing beats which sounded pretty good. The crowd certainly warmed to them as the night went on. Speaking of the crowd – it was a mixture of old school heads and student new school dudes male and female. As the Subculture Sage finish and a few beers downed it was time for Dead Prez to hit the stage.

Dead Prez First up was “Police State” which sounded great, next was the classic “Know Your Enemy” the sound quality was very good as these guys are perfectionists on the mic check.  The crowd pushed to the front as Stickman started dropping “Revolution” a favourite of mine. As more tunes dropped they did a little skit of nortoriousBIG “Big Poppa” which us old schoolers appreciated. As “Hell Yeh” dropped we all anticipated everybody’s favourite Dead Prez track “HipHop” and as they dropped it the crowd went wild with everyone joining in the verse.  A few more tunes and that was it.  Great vibe, fun with unbelievable flows..What I liked was they came out and stood and signed people’s vinyl and stood for photographs with everyone.

If your going to see Dead Prez this year be ready for an uplifting, fun, fresh and a great vibe. Well worth seeing……Peace!!