Dirty 30s / Naughty 40s World Final

25th October

@ World B-boy Championships 2014

02 Birmingham, UK

Photos by Lacemaster (Second to None)

This years proved to be the biggest and boldest Dirty 30s of its 6 years and tension ran high in the old skool room at the 02.

The line-up for Dirty 30s was strong!

Dirty 30's crazy and swift rock

Trace (Poland/Holland),
Amir (Germany),
Mouse (UK),
Danilo (Italy),
Flo (France)(last years finalist),
Zorro (UK)
B-girl Eri (Japan)
Dazo (Turkey)
Ghost (UK)
Hawk (UK)
Stuntman (USA)
Maule (Scotland)
Manny (UK)
B-girl Rach (UK)
And many more..

It was anyone’s competition. Dirty 30s can be as much about the taking part and the ocassion but still there can only be one world champion.

Dirty 30's 2014 winner Danilo

On the same day also saw our launch of the Naughty 40s!!! A well needed category at Bboy Jams.

Dirty 30's 2014-Lil Tim and Bounty

(Naughty 40s World Champion 2014 with finalist Bounty)

Judges: Some of the worlds finest bboy pioneers

Nick Palmer (Second to None)
Swift Rock (Battle Squad)
Crazy (Crazy Force Crew / Switzerland)

Dirty 30's 2014-5882

Second to Nones FULL CREW were in attendance.

DJ: Junk provided the beats – all his own work from start to finish.
All this music will be released on REP YOUR GENERATION Records soon.

Dirty 30's 2014-DJ Junk

Host: Bboy 10 Tonn repped for 8 hours non stop on the mic delivering that real hip hop flavour with rhymes and games and authority.

Dirty 30's 2014-10 tonn & bgirl

Check the battles below, and this will take you through to all the battles – through to the finals to see the crowning of Danilo (Italy) as Dirty 30s World Champion 2014.

Thank you to the Nick Palmer, Swift Rock, Crazy, Paul Spencer on the camera, Jo JO Mavrakis for on the day graft, Anthony Dobson, DJ Junk, The UK Bboy Championships / IBE / Art of Breakin (Poland) / Incredible (Germany) / and all the bboys who REPPED THEIR GENERATION

Highlights apart from the battles, CRAZY keepin the cypher going with beatbox when the DJs switched to Tyrone for the footwork battles. Flo taking the Baby mill game, Veli Cavus taking head spin game.

The judges showcase – seeing these masters do their thing in their 40s is inspirational