This month it’s my birthday so here’s 5 tracks from my wants list

Richards People-Yo Yo:

My most sought after record.very rare and full of very funky piano breaks. If you’re ever lucky enough to find one in the uk you will be paying a £100 plus for if you do see one tell me.

Thunder & Lightning- Bumpin’ Bus Stop:

Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist always play this.the intro is often sampled and worth the asking price of around £50 for a good copy.

Lou Courtney-Hey Joyce:

I have a bootleg of this but would love an original.DJ Shadow classic too.around the £50 mark if you can find one.

The Golden Toadstools-Silly Savage:

Nearly had this a couple of times on e-bay for a lot less than the usual asking price of £50 for a mint copy.

the salambos salambo:

This ones a french psychedelic funk track with amazing drums and bongos.expect to pay around £60 for this in good condition.
Check out Pauls funk and soul events around the York (UK) area.. always on point!