Our fitness expert Faith Cavalli focus on exercise.


Keep flexible


Breakin is all about flexibility and is critical to your success. Unfortunately, it’s something that decreases with age if your fitness levels aren’t maintained, so make sure you stretch before and after exercise when your muscles are warm to increase flexibility. You could try joining a weekly yoga class to make you stronger and leaner, and help prevent injury.

Check this link out for information on mobility exercises: http://www.brianmac.co.uk/dynamic.htm

For core exercises follow this link:


Keep regular

It is important that you get into a regular exercise habit. Set aside some time, say 3-5 times a week, to do some physical activity – this will pay off in the long term. If you dance train regularly you may find that keeps your weight and fitness maintained, but by increasing exercise and introducing new activities you will be able to improve those levels and lose any extra pounds.


Get ready for battle


With plenty of time until next Dirty 30s / Naughty 40s battles, it isn’t too late to get started with some extra physical activity to feel fitter and healthier.

If you train regularly, try pushing yourself a little bit more with new goals – for example, extra running time, different routes with hills, or try a new sport or activity to challenge yourself. If you have been out of training, a good way of increasing fitness levels quickly is interval training and doing circuit sessions which could include exercises specific to breaking.

Interval training is done by going from a steady pace then increasing the speed into fast bursts. For example, if you start by jogging for three minutes then sprint for 30 seconds then go back to the jogging, aim to increase the sprint time each week. This could be adapted to most activities such as cycling, rowing, swimming and boxing.

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Circuit training sessions are great to include in your daily exercise routine and can be done anywhere with or without equipment. The idea is to create a series of exercises and do each one for a certain amount of time or number of repetitions. As breaking requires a great deal of core stability and strength, it would be ideal to include exercises which improved these things.

A circuit training routine could include press ups, planks, pull ups, core ball exercises, weights, sprints, squats and lunges.

Before any physical activity, ensure you are warmed up properly to avoid injury and to finish cool down and stretch.

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