[fusion_text]No Hype Just Pure Dope Logo[/fusion_text][separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”32″ bottom_margin=”” sep_color=”” icon=”” width=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]June came and went in the blink of an eye, whilst the site was having a bit of a makeover. And it’s looking very handsome I’m sure you’ll concur….So here’s the pick of the crop of summer so far: a few long players, and some smoking tracks for your barbecue.

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1. Golden Rules – the Golden Ticket

Golden Rules is the new outfit consisting of producer Paul White and Eric Biddines, both of whom have been on the watch list for a while. Paul White came to my attention with 2011’s “Rapping with Paul White” primarily because of some of the guest vocalists he persuaded into his booth but, if I’m honest, it promised more than it delivered. Always loved Biddines flow, and last years “planetcoffeebean2” deserved way more attention than it got. Together, however, the pair have produced something spectacular. Got to be a contender for all the “best of 2015 lists”. And also, Yasin Bey guests (on Never Die) and you cannot get a better endorsement than that. Very, very good use of your cash.

Tell ‘em how good it is

2. Jean Grae – iSweatergawd

Everyone’s favourite underrated rapper. Ok, maybe not everyone’s. After all, some people are idiots. So glad to see a return to hip hop after the last few releases (still good, but,still….). The opener, Crux, demonstrates that there are few who can match her for wit and delivery. Love this very hard. She says it better than I could on the bandcamp notes: “I remembered that I’m really good at rapping”. Truth.

(you won’t follow anyone wittier this week, I guarantee you)

3. Fashawn– Out the Trunk (Remix ft Busta Rhyme)

A good track from last year’s Ecology LP is rendered awesome by the simple addition of more Busta Rhymes. This track make me want to buy a second hand Subaru Impreza with the biggest subwoofers imaginable and ride round in it ALL DAY playing it with the volume up to eleventy-nine. (OK this has actually been out since May so technically not new anymore but hey. It’s summer now. Wind down your windows and blast it).

4. Dynas & Tony Galvin – Busy

Whilst we’re on a “catchy as all hell” vibe, if you missed this a couple of months ago, time to make amends. I feel a bit guilty for this because if you press play, the hooks going to lodge in your brain on a loop for weeks..

5. Mick Jenkins – P’s and Q’s/ The Alchemist

Two tracks from one of last year’s best discoveries. The first has Kaytranda on production, the latter is Lee Bannon/Them People. Both are worth your time. Maybe neither track is as initially arresting as last year’s Free Nation Rebel Soldier, but both are growers and he’s got the kind of bass tone to his voice that lends real depth to a track. Solid stuff.

6. CMPLX – Chelsea Reject

Great debut long player from the Brooklyn rapper. She’s sounding confident and smooth, with just enough rasp at the edges to snare you. Some good guest verses too, particularly from T’Nah Apex and Kirk Knight.

7. Georgia Anne Muldrow – A Thoughtiverse Unmarred

On the unstoppable Mello Music Group label, this came at the end of May. Everything they’ve put out this year has been unmissable. First full length hip hop release from the multi-talented musician and producer and it’s brilliant. Her soul-jazz heritage runs all the way through this. If you are a fan of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, this is your cup of tea, trust me.

8. Remedy Rhyme – Endurance

Nice EP from the DC MC. Seems like just a minute since her last mixtape – The Resistance. This new version has polished up some of the rough edges from the production on that one, and provides a much better backdrop to her vocal. Worth checking.

9. Soulman Beats – Don’t Stop feat HD

From the Chilean producers El Imaginaro album, this track features HDBeenDope from Brooklyn, as one of only two guests rapping on English (the other is Tislam on message – also good). Loving the jazz tinged beats here, and the brass riff is great. Pay as you feel on Bandcamp.[/fusion_text]