If you have made some New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy it’s not always easy to stick with them unless you change your habits and get into a new routine, here are a few tips to help you.

hip hop fitness 11. Plan out your exercises and meals- If you have in your mind that you are going to exercise at a certain time even if it’s a short burst then you are more likely to do it. Also the more you move the more you will want to move as your body gets used to exercise you will have more energy and enjoy the feeling it gives you. Keep fruit and other healthy snacks in your bag to stop you grabbing sugary snacks on the run. Make meal plans for the week so you are less likely to get take-aways, this will save you money too.

hip hop fitness 22. Don’t do fad diets-they often tell you to cut out food groups and reduce calories too low. Nobody can keep that up and once you start eating normally again all the weight will pile back on and more.



hip hop fitness 33. Find physical activity you enjoy- So many people start an exercise they hate, remember any movement is better than sitting on the sofa. Mix things up and try lots of new things and get your friends and family involved.

hip hop fitness 44. Don’t feel guilty- I have seen so many people wanting to go back to old habits because they miss a few exercise sessions or have a few treats. Just carry on life is for living and it’s all about balance – dont give up. It’s better to eat everything in moderation and not feel guilty for having a bad day or a treat, it won’t make you pile weight on or mean you have failed. Just balance it out with a walk and a healthy meal.

hip hop fitness 55. Set goals- This is important as it gives you a focus and you will feel a sense of achievement as you reach your goals. Set short term and long term, so whether it be to lose a few pounds in a month or be fit enough to compete in battles in 6 months, write them down with your progress.