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March is here! Spring has sprung, the sun’s streaming in through the windows, and it’s time to crank up the speaker volume on some fresh new tracks and remind your neighbours why they hate you. And oh my goodness, what a lot of goodness there is out there at the moment. My ears are damn near worn out with the effort of whittling the months releases down to the very best five…

Von Poe VII: The Purity of Love and War

What better way to kick things off than with something FREE? Von Poe VII aka Chad Marshall is founder of the Organized Threat collective, and this free download is one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in a long, long time. If you haven’t come across him before then now’s the time to get yourself acquainted and if you like what you hear, buy some of his albums that have a price tag on them.

Malik Ninety-Five: Shame

First track off the eponymous LP from New Orleans rapper, due to arrive in March, this is a must have track IMHO. And the video’s great.

Reverie: Quicksand

More FREE stuff! This time from California’s Reverie. This free mixtape appeared at Christmas, but I only just found it so I’ve decided to include it here because if, like me, you missed it, you’d be missing out because this is a real find. Her rhymes as sharp and funny, the flow’s smooth and the production (mostly by Louden) sounds as crisp as a freshly minted fiver. As with Von Poe Vii, you can graduate from the giveaway to spending some proper money on her back catalogue.

Fam First: Fam

This is interesting, a collaboration between two all female crews, Sweden’s Femtastic and Dam Dutchess from the Netherlands. MC Melodee will probably be the most familiar name on here, fresh from her awesome Cookin’ Soul produced ep, Crunch Time, that was released at the back end of last year. This 7 track ep is less soulful, more dancehall, and none the worse for that.

J.Live: His Own Self

Not a lot that needs to be said about a new release from the one and only Mr Live. According to the blurb on BandCamp this is his first self-produced LP since 2003. You can get the whole thing from the 15th March but if you pre-order on BC, you can pick up 3 tracks RIGHT NOW.

Why you still here? Go get those tracks…