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Typical. Summer’s officially finished and so of course the sun decides to put in a rare appearance; just when you’ve packed away your summer wardrobe and started eyeing up the parkas and the puffa jackets. Luckily, though, several of these new tunes have a decidedly summery feel so if you can’t be arsed to dig your flip-flops and your ray-bans out of storage, just whack up the volume instead.

AUTOMatic – Rising Sun (feat Speech)

I was lucky enough to catch Arrested Development live a few months back and remembered how great they were. Here, Speech lends his support to a truly joyous track taken from the EP “Arising”.

SoulChef – I won’t follow you (feat. Nieve)

Laid back and chilled out jazz-tinged release from the New Zealand producer. Perfect for the last gasp of September sunshine.

Shay D and DISL Automatic – Justice For

Nothing but love for Global Faction which is where I found this gem. I’ve been watching out for something new from London rapper Shay D who I rated on my first post here. This collaboration with US rapper DISL Automatic hits home hard. Classic samples from KRS and Lauryn drive the beat forward and Shay D’s flow is impeccable. More please.

Blackalicious: The Blow Up

Single taken from the veteran outfit’s next release – Imani Vol 1. This will remind you why you always loved them. Also, the video has animated foxes rapping. Any why not?

Roots Manuva: Don’t Breathe Out

It may be that the expressly religious sentiment will be off-putting for some listeners, but this is a beautifully produced number with one of the founding fathers of UK hip hop sounding uncharacteristically upbeat and relaxed. And who could deny him that?

Words by Vicky T