method man redman

Leeds has certainly been host to some heavyweight hip hop as of late. Notably Leeds O2 recently had Public Enemy and Mos Def performing some great gigs there and now to finish off a triumphant season, we have Method Man, one of the greatest rappers from the Wu Tang Clan and Redman from Def Squad, set to perform to another jubilant crowd in LS1. Method Man & Redman’s classy collaborations with Blackout! and Blackout 2 proved successful, showcasing their excellent rhyme skills and enigmatic delivery, with notable quality contributions on production from Eric Sermon. The prospect of this gig is providing a great thriller to end this fantastic hip hop revival in Leeds.

There’s no question this is going to be a fast paced, high energy performance from two of the great emcees of hip hop, who I’ve never seen before in Yorkshire. Suitably we have Defenders of Style vs Tha Office TGP Cypher supporting; who are local crews from Leeds that I’m sure will want to impress the mighty headliners. Their upfront, graphic and hard hitting style will provide a slice of city Leeds rap, that I’m sure will be most memorable! There’s no doubt we’re in for a treat on this Solstice night in Leeds, setting the tone for a winter to remember and hopefully even better 2015. Bring it on!

Words by Tareck Ghoneim

Buy tickets here:–redman-tickets/143387