One of the most respected lyricists in the game Scor-Zay-Zee takes time out from recording his LONG awaited debut LP to give us a little run down of his greatest of all time MCs. You can see the man himself performing at ‘More Bounce’ alongside Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Woody and Heavy Links, Friday 28th November, Roadhouse, Manchester.

Scor-Zay-Zee – Debut album

‘Peace To The Puzzle’ coming soon!

1. Nas

nasNas is musical genius. His flow and delivery on each song is that of a jazz musician. He never stays with the same flow he uses the instruments and beat as a saxophone artist or guitarist would. He deeply influenced me not just in his lyrics but also his ability to say things without having to use the same grammar we talk in. He is very poetic and also draws from a deeper place in himself that you only really hear in is music instead of interviews or Q and A’s.

2. Eminem

eminemEminem is all about the craft of putting patterns and words together. He is very much about the art and evolution of the actual science of rhyming and rap. There is a pattern of emcees who every now and then change the pace and set a new bench mark. I would say the chain he belongs to in this development is Slick Rick- Rakim/kool G Rap- Nas- Eminem. A certain amount of emcees really excel and bring a new extreme to the art.

3. Big Pun

bigpunAgain like Eminem he is from that chain of evolution in the art. His whole persona and character as a person brings everything a entertaining rapper can utilise to keep the freshness. He comes from that chain of Rakim- kool G Rap- Nas- Big Pun. The pioneers are to be thanked and without the history of those earlier pioneers a lot of emcees would not be born. But like anything the history can be traced back and back and back through the history of music and poetry, but the reason I choose this era of emcees is because it is the one I grew up in.

3. Canibus

CanibusI think lyrically and punchline wise he was a game changer. No doubt
I also think because of his LL Cool J situation he got black balled in many areas of the industry. I listen to his first album now and I think he just suffered from his own genius. His impact was so amazing that it was hard for him to top all his famous freestyles. But you have to rate a man who has wrote so many bars. He is almost like a genius scientist who one day will be discovered and respected like that of the poets Dante or Shakespeare.

4. M.F Doom

doomI always say there are emcees and Hip Hop and then there is MF Doom world. This guy is in a his own universe. He is a billion comic books and stories all in one superhero. A very mythical and elusive nature that makes him more interesting.

5. Juga-Naut

This guy is from my home city Nottingham. He is one of the most talented people I have ever met. Such a great respect for the art and culture of Hip Hop. His wordplay is amazing and every project he puts out he gets better and better. He doesn’t just make songs he makes projects that are all flow and interact from artwork beat choice to content. He writes,produces, designs, mixes,masters and promotes all himself. He is what every modern hip hop artist should aspire to be. He has been getting good feedback in new york. Tommy Nova and rapper Special Ed are fans of his work and so am I.

Thanks to Mickey Blue Eyes for the hook up
Thanks to Scor-Zay-Zee for taking time to put this down
Don’t sleep on his new LP
We wish him every success for the future!
SCOR-ZAY-ZEE & AFRIKA BAMBAATAA will be live Nov 28th @ the Roadhouse. Manchester!

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