* Words by Vicky T

Female MC’s seem to be finding their voice in the UK, producing tracks that are conscious and thoughtful, incisive and steely, or just downright infectious. Once I started thinking about this, whittling it down to five was a nightmare; there’s a lot of women who are fantastic that I ran out of room for (Rawality Thy Soldieress, Persia, Lady Leshurr, Laughta, and Lioness for starters). Also there were a couple of tracks that I’ve got tucked away on mixtapes that I just couldn’t trace. If anyone can tell me how I can find Justice Hotep’s track called “A Just This” that cropped up on Miss C.Brown’s amazing mixtape for 4649 (Click link to get it for free) I’d be seriously grateful.
These are just the tunes that are getting a constant hammering in my headphones right now. See what you think and if you like these tracks show them some love on soundcloud/twitter etc. Or tell me who should really be here that I’ve missed….?

5. TrueMendous: Love me on stage

This is the stand out track for me from the mixtape she put out for free earlier on this year, The Autistic Librarian. Lyrically, this is seriously dark and sounds, haunting. It’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The production by Nathan Gayle a.k.a The Kid In The Vault who’s surely one to watch.

You can download the whole tape here

And follow her on twitter at @ItsTrueMendous

4. Amplify Dot: Paperwerk

Amplify Dot Paperwerk

A.Dot’s doing good, what with her own radio show, collaborations with Busta Rhymes and Ms Dynamite under her belt, and even a creditable second place on the seriously surreal “hip hop mastermind” that aired on the BBC recently. She’s been tipped for success ever since she hopped on stage to freestyle with Missy Elliot. Aged 13.It’s a shame, though, that the recordings seem to have fizzled out. After early success pushing her independent releases she was snapped up by Virgin. This absurdly catchy track appeared way back in April 2013 supposedly as a teaser for an album that STILL hasn’t turned up. (There have been two mixtapes –Spare Parts 1 and 2 – of tracks that apparently won’t be on it). Anyway, whatever, it’s great to see a woman making her mark in this business. Plus, she’s knows more about hip hop than Lethal bloody Bizzle.

And follow her on twitter at @AmplifyDot

3. Princess Ma’at: The Power’s in Me

This is from the mixtape “Through the Iris of Isis” released on bandcamp late last year. This is a million miles from the sort of violence associated with the term “Isis”. She’s talking about Isis the Egyptian goddess of love, and the whole ep’s on a peaceful conscious vibe. I could have picked any of the tracks to be honest. Beautiful, mellow, and positive. Play it loud on a sunny day.

Show some love on twitter @MaatPrincess

2. Shay-D: So What


If a track makes you laugh out loud the first time you hear the hook, that can only be a good thing. Never mind about the Spice Girls, this is real girl power as Shay-D tells it how it is. You can find this on a mixtape with a pay-as-you-feel price-tag on bandcamp.

There’s a couple of gems on it. Check out Longtime Freestyle, The Other Side Chicks and Not the Chicken Shop Man.
Follow her at @shayduk

1. Little Simz: The Hamptons

Little Simz is definitely one to watch. Can’t quite get my head round the fact that she’s only 20, and so much talent. So far this year she’s had three mixtapes out on bandcamp all priced at pay-as-you-feel. This track’s the one that first brought her to my attention, via Soulection’s soundcloud page and it’s from the first release this year, “The Edge”. It’s still my favourite but if you want to put some money in her pocket then I’d probably suggest you pick Age 101 drop 1. These tracks may take a little time to creep up on you, but they are growers, trust me.