February 2014, Brettski (Art Official) organised a street art competition as part of the Fly Market monthly event in Leeds city centre. Scores of Leeds young writers from all ages put pen to canvass and the public voted for their favourites. The top 3 were then put to a professional judging panel to see who would take the title. Here is our champion of the older section.

Winner: Danny A.K.A. Beero

Danny Bear - Street Art Hip Hop Leeds

How did you get into Street art?

I come from an artistic background so I have always been around art. Also from just walking around the city of Leeds and seeing all the graffiti and street art around, I just wanted to be a part of that scene.

How long you been taking your art seriously?

To be honest I don’t really take my art seriously as once you start to take it seriously it stops being fun and that’s what graffiti is all about. I just want to enjoy what I do.

How often do you paint/draw

Try to paint as often as I can but when ever I have a spare minute I will be doodling on bits of scrap paper

Who are your influences/inspirations in graff / art world

Since i can remember I’ve been intrigued by graffiti from simple tags around Leeds and Headingley too US legends like COPE 2, SEEN, T KID ect. Not to forget the UK writers like KING ROBBO, PURE EVIL just some of top of my head too many to mention.

Are there any other art events you can recommend?

Not really speak to the streets was first event I’ve been too.

brettski street art hip hop leeds

Do you have a teacher / mentor for your work?

Don’t really have a teacher just doing my own thing but love meeting different artist along the way.

Where do you buy your paints?


Who are the local inspirations behind your work

All the Leeds writers. big love to BRETISK, THRONE AND PLEBS etc

Next Street Art Battles takes place @ the Fly Market Saturday 8th March @ Trinity Church Leeds.

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Safe and Sound!

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