Speak to the Streets

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Speak to the Streets is a youth work organisation specializing in working with 11 to 19 year olds to try and provide alternatives to gang activity as a way of life. Promoting positivity, self belief using street culture. Together we can make the streets more creative.

The organisation is designed to target young people to teach them the dangers of gangs before they become involved in one, which could prevent future gang crime. Unless intervention is taken, the cycle of gang criminals may continue.

This type of work is vital because it brings out the positive potential in young people and enable them to have a better life.

Pat Regans Legacy: Pat Regan She was an active peace campaigner who educated the youth about the realities of violence and gang culture. Pat Regan was tragically killed in avoidable cicumstances. Through her son Shane, Speak to the Streets continues this work.

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