Review: Chali 2na – Live At The Wardrobe, Leeds 21/01/16

Chali 2na is one of the most easily identifiable and respected MCs in the game; any hip-hop head will instantly perk up at the first syllable spoken in the Chicago rapper’s deep, recognisable voice. His work with Jurassic 5 has allowed him to develop and maintain a stellar reputation amongst […]

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Nas: ‘straight out the dungeons of rap’ to one of the greatest MC’s of all time

One of our newest contributor’s tackles that most contentious of questions: who should be in the top five greatest MC’s of all time. Here, he puts the case for giving the top spot to Nas. Is he right? And who should he be checking in the remaining four slots…

Sat squashed […]

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Jungle Brothers live gig review by Chaos27

Jungle Brothers live @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, 6th October 2014
Words by: CHAOS27 (Floor Force / Zulu Nation) / Pictures Zulu King Monk

I entered the building around 7-30 to see if I could catch the sound check of the Jbeez.

As I walked in a Leeds legend MC Speedo was on […]