Jungle Brothers live @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, 6th October 2014

Words by: CHAOS27 (Floor Force / Zulu Nation) / Pictures Zulu King Monk


I entered the building around 7-30 to see if I could catch the sound check of the Jbeez.

As I walked in a Leeds legend MC Speedo was on the mic doing the sound check for “Prize” a collective of hip hoppers that’s been on the scene from day one.  DMW was beatboxing and Paul Edmeade (Oddball) was on the cut.  After my second beer and a lot of laughs with my old school crew The Jungle brothers came on to a rapturous applause and the lights dropped.

Sammy b fired up the turntables and dropped the beat then out of the mist came out Bam and Mike G.

Jungle Brothers Leeds 2014

These guys been around since 87 and was part of native tongues which consisted of De Le Soul and ATCQ.  Mike G and Bam got the crowd hype with a couple of tunes then Sammy B dropped the baseline for the unforgettable track “Straight out the Jungle” .  The crowd went wild and all the cameras and mobile phones went red hot as people started to record footage as if they might not see these living legends again.  “Beyond this world” and “What u Waiting For” was next and by this time the crowd was in a frenzy.  Classic after classic dropped and the Jbeez really seemed to be enjoying themselves. “Ill House You” was next and surprisingly the crowd loved it as I was never a fan as I couldn’t understand how hardcore rappers would rap about house music but that’s another story.  Then after a couple more tunes my favourite “Jimbrowski” dropped with everyone singing “the j” , the I, the m, the m, the y, the j, the I, the m, it’s Jimmy… it’s Jimmy”.

Jungle Brothers Leeds 2014

After that they called out any bboys in the house but no one took up the offer.  Still feel guilty on that one.  More dope tracks and heavy baselines and that was it and end to the show and what a show it was!!  As The Jungle Brothers walked off the crowd stamped there feet and cheered for more.  A really great show for everyone not just the old school.

WE LOVE YOU JBEEZ come back soon..


Jungle Brothers Leeds 2014

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Jungle Brothers Leeds 2014