This month, the playlist focuses on UK hip hop, mostly released in the last couple of years.

Hope you enjoy it!

Vicky T

Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown by Vicky T on Mixcloud


Akala – Sun Tzu
Chester P – The Sermon
Sonny Jim – Diablo (illinformed mix)
Activist – Struggle was real
Skuff (ft DJ Sammy B-Side)– Cali Mist
Verb T – Breathe
Shuqi the Rapper – Words
BarneyArtist (ft Rick David)– You know what love is
Bugzy Malone – Changes
Daddy Abe (ft Jonny Alpha & DJ Leach) – Dead Man Walking
Defenders of Style – Kaleidoscope Vision
Amy True (ft Big Ben & Big Cakes)– Get out Ghetto
The Mouse Outfit (ft Ellis Meade)– Time
Flame Griller – Care
Lady Sanity – Fly Away
J Chambers (ft Alice Gasson) – Sometimes
Roots Manuva – Breathe out

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