Bored of people who know no better complaining that hip hop is all just violence, misogyny and consumerism? People stuck in the mythical golden age complaining that hip hop today has lost consciousness? This month, the playlist takes aim at these arguments and lays them to rest.

Rhyme and Reason Episode 5: We don’t stop by Vicky T on Mixcloud


Intro: Lord Finesse Times Iz Hard
Wu-Tang Clan: A Better Tomorrow
The Coup: My Favourite Mutiny
Akala ft. Amy True: The Fall
Mos Def: Know That
Public Enemy: The Evil Empire Of …
Black Dave: Free BK
K’Valentine: Anti-Chiraq
Signif: Pressure
Mick Jenkins: 11
Sa-Roc: Heaven on Earth
blctxt & King-I Divine: The Roots
Yarah Bravo: Freedom Fighters
P.O.S: Wanted Wasted
Dave Dar: Black White Brown
J-Live: Your Momma So Black
Awon & Phoniks ft Rodney the Soul Singer: Reflections
Jungle Brown ft Khrysis: In the City
J.Chambers: Black Friday
Brother Ali: Us

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