RSV is the new concept from Bboy 10 Tonn

RSV is a battle – unlimited rounds – the crowd (YOU) decide who wins using our one click RSV voting system.

Here was September’s RSV battle


bboy one wayOne Way took the most votes, winning this months RSV so we caught up with him to find out more.

Name: One Way
Age: 18
Been bboying since: 2010

When did you first see bboying?

I first say the movement in step up, I was dancing alongside my brothers at that this point. Then I meat Justin lee {Jus Roc}. He mentored me from their

Do you train regular?

Yeah, min of 3 times a week

Who do you train with?

I had trained with the Manchester scene for the last 4 years and recently relocated to Leeds to study so am training alongside the breaking community

Who are your influences/inspirations in bboy world?

Contemporary dance, music, Just Roc, Lb, my African roots

Which events have you travelled to?

Ibe, Uk Bboy Champs, Sunday roast, King of the Rock, The Fly Market

Do you practice any other elements in hiphop culture?

Not at the moment but very interested in djing

Does b-boying interfere with education?

I would simply say bboying influences my contemporary dance style.

What profession do you hope to take up when you leave education?

I hope to create dance work and also develop a dance business

Why do you love bboying?

The culture surrounding the dance. Learning and developing skill that you could only dream of at points

What makes a good teacher?

A good learner.

Thankyou Bboy One Way – Respect for winning October 2014s RSV!

And respect to Scalio for making the battle!

Look out for the next RSV hosted by Sunday Roast