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SarantisSarantis. That is my real name.

I have worked with labels like senseless records, black acre, loose squares and more and I have worked with loads of artists. Warrior Queen, Gala P, Crawler, Dialect, Pakz, Bongo Chilli, Juice, Korby and a lot lot more. The list is long and the funny thing is most of the tracks I’ve done with vocalists are not even released yet.

I am 35; I didn’t even want to say that! Almost lied ah ha!

Am from

Athens Greece, KIPSELI

I cant remember where I wrote my first to be honest probably at some point when I was making dub dancehall and hip hop beats 15 years ago been playing the guitar since I was twelve though so I’ve been in bands before that

My first tune was DUB DANCEHALL or hips hop probably. What gigs have you got coming up? Its been confirmed I m playing Bristol 8th of April. Not sure about the venue yet.

My favourite place djing was in a Massive illegal rave in south London new years 2014!!!!

The One style of music I love to make is my own.

What influenced me to start making grime was because I making similar beats when I first heard grime in a weird way. I had started combining my dancehall beat making and my hip-hop beat making styles into one at the time, when I heard grime I felt that’s what I should be making. Even though up to that time I was not a big garage fun, I had already been experimenting with d n b and techno beats as well, so grime felt like a style where I could combine everything together easily. It’s like a loud melting pot!

I’ve had my music played on radio 1 and 1xtra, Marry Anne Hobbs, Toddla T, DJ Q have played my tunes.

I m not the most optimistic person but I m not negative either. I live life for the moment as much as I can and I don’t expect a lot so everything’s a bonus and I cant say I am often disappointed like this lol. When it comes to music I don’t do it for fame or to be rich I do it cause I like doing it. That doesn’t mean I do things for free, it just means my number one motivation is the love for the music. As long as I can carry on doing this I am happy.

I love travelling but I don’t have a passport so fuck that one right off. That’s because of crap back home; I refused to do national service. European promoters, I can travel in Europe, at least for now, but I can’t go anywhere else.

I work as well as make music unfortunately.

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