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Who’s got what it takes to win The Undisputed?

The Undisputed event is nearly upon us. Eight elite b-boys, winners of the world’s biggest b-boy competitions this year, are all about to grace the 02 Academy Stage London this Sunday for a battle like no other.

We asked 15 & 16 year old Leeds B-boys Maroof (SG/MR) and Sneaky (SG/MBB/MR) […]

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RSV September 2014 Winner: Bboy One Way

RSV is the new concept from Bboy 10 Tonn

RSV is a battle – unlimited rounds – the crowd (YOU) decide who wins using our one click RSV voting system.

Here was September’s RSV battle


One Way took the most votes, winning this months RSV so we caught up with him to find […]

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Dirty 30s World Final Videos / Naughty 40s World Final Videos

Dirty 30s / Naughty 40s World Final
25th October
@ World B-boy Championships 2014
02 Birmingham, UK
Photos by Lacemaster (Second to None)
This years proved to be the biggest and boldest Dirty 30s of its 6 years and tension ran high in the old skool room at the 02.
The line-up for Dirty 30s was […]

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Basic exercise tips to keep you b-boying into your 40s

Our fitness expert Faith Cavalli focus on exercise.

Keep flexible

Breakin is all about flexibility and is critical to your success. Unfortunately, it’s something that decreases with age if your fitness levels aren’t maintained, so make sure you stretch before and after exercise when your muscles are warm to increase flexibility. You […]

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Basic nutritional tips to keep you bboying into your 40s

Getting ready for battle part 2: You are what you eat
Faith Cavalli gives us the basic run down on nutritional advice

Approaching Naughty 40s events what you are eating will have a massive impact on your energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, eat breakfast, cut down […]

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RSV BBOY BATTLE: Scallio v One Way – Vote Now – YOU DECIDE

What is RSV Bboy Battle?
RSV is a real street vote, were the streets get to vote on the skills of the artists the are competing in the their art forms this will be done by our special voting system were you choose your winner.  Please leave a comments at the […]

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Speak to the Streets LEEDS Summer Jam

Saturday 26th July @ The Corn Exchange
1pm – 5pm

Leeds, all ages welcome to come and watch something amazing!
Under 18s 1on1 BREAKIN BATTLE

Over 18s 1on1 BREAKIN BATTLE

Prizes: £100 over 18s / £50 under 18s / 2 tickets for Public Enemy
DJ: Khan Fu (Manchester)

Host: B-Boy 10 Tonn

B-boy Judges
Sammy the One (flava […]


SATURDAYS / June 21st / July 26th
Book a free stall now!!! shane@speaktothestreets.com
Starts 1pm-5pm
And its there for the whole family, celebrating the Tour De France with some of Leeds greatest artists
And the main event is a speed battle between two of Leeds and the […]

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Bboy 10 Tonn – Reggae Ragga

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Proud to announce the new venue The Fly Market Leeds is…

We are proud to announce THE CORN EXCHANGE, LEEDS as our new venue for the monthly youth and family event THE FLY MARKET

We loved Trinity Church but felt it was THE CORN EXCHANGE was a great opportunity for all our loyal stall holders to trade in a more vibrant environment
Speak […]

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