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Hip Hop Fitness – 5 Tips for sticking to your New Year resolutions

If you have made some New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy it’s not always easy to stick with them unless you change your habits and get into a new routine, here are a few tips to help you.

1. Plan out your exercises and meals- If you have in […]

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Dirty 30s World Final Videos / Naughty 40s World Final Videos

Dirty 30s / Naughty 40s World Final
25th October
@ World B-boy Championships 2014
02 Birmingham, UK
Photos by Lacemaster (Second to None)
This years proved to be the biggest and boldest Dirty 30s of its 6 years and tension ran high in the old skool room at the 02.
The line-up for Dirty 30s was […]

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Basic exercise tips to keep you b-boying into your 40s

Our fitness expert Faith Cavalli focus on exercise.

Keep flexible

Breakin is all about flexibility and is critical to your success. Unfortunately, it’s something that decreases with age if your fitness levels aren’t maintained, so make sure you stretch before and after exercise when your muscles are warm to increase flexibility. You […]

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Tbreaks meets Masters of the Old School: Sammy The One

“You will always find me in the club”
T-breaks meets a master of the old school… 100% dancer – Sammy The One!
“Sammy! This guy taught me how to dance when I was 14!”  Ashley Banjo

Sammy recently scooped the Yorkshire hip hop teachers award, with over 500 votes.  With his wife Nic […]

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Dirty 30s MIX#1 Jan 2014 – Dirty 30s World Final Edition 2013

DJ Junk Featuring B-BOY 10 Tonn
This is the first in a series of EXCLUSIVE Dirty 30s mixes, bringing something to the table you won’t find from any other selectors in the world, whether it be exclusive music, or edited music, or rare music or too well put together to ignore.

Starting […]

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T-breaks meets…Masters of the Old School – DMW, Leeds

“In the late 80s you could guarantee there would always be albums you would love. These days you have to dig deeper to find artists who grip you like Rakim or Kane, but they are about”
Continuing the monthly series for Dirty 30s ‘Masters of the Old School’, I was lucky […]

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Bboy Swift Rock (Battle Squad)

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Year started Bboying: 1983

Main Titles: Winner of the International Bboy Battle of the Year 91 and 92

One of the most influencial figues in European Bboying history. Co-founder of the legendary (and we dont use that word lightly in D30s) Battle Squad (Storm and Mauritzio and […]

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BBoy Nick Palmer (Second to None)

Started Bboying 1983

Major Titles: Bboy World Champion 96, 97 (UK CHAMPS)

Original member of the Second to None crew who took the Champs Crew title in 96 and 97. Second to None formed in 85 and continued to break through the late 80s early 90s when most of the original mid 80s […]

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Bboy and Hip Hop Talk with Leanski (The Floorlords / Flava Squad) Boston

The unofficial (but we would like to make it official) president of The Dirty 30s Worldwide.

there is really no age for Bboy or Bgirling as long as you stay fit and got heart to rep in a competition.

We first met Bboy Leanski when he visited one of our events in […]

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Hip Hop Dj Renegade

I actually got into coaching after being told off by Storm and Raphael for not doing anything to change the UK scene.
Renegade has been pivotal in putting the Dirty 30s world final together, here’s a few thoughts from the coach and DJ master.
1. Dirty 30s is not just about bboys […]

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