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Review: Chali 2na – Live At The Wardrobe, Leeds 21/01/16

Chali 2na is one of the most easily identifiable and respected MCs in the game; any hip-hop head will instantly perk up at the first syllable spoken in the Chicago rapper’s deep, recognisable voice. His work with Jurassic 5 has allowed him to develop and maintain a stellar reputation amongst […]

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Isaiah Dreads – the young artist who’s about to make 2016 his year

Hip hop connection UK regular, ben freeman, picks the artist that he predicts will blow up this year. Anyone else we should be looking out for? Tell us in the comments.

Two years ago this young British rapper was virtually unknown but flawless performances at Leeds and Reading festivals in 2015, […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for December

It’s Christmas!! Season to guzzle down gaudy coloured cocktails that taste of shampoo on an empty stomach, pay five times the normal price for a taxi, five times the normal price to get into a club, and experience five times the size of a normal hangover every single morning for […]

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Live Review: Detonate Sheffield – Skepta and Jay Prince – Halloween 2015

We’re very grateful to the nice people from Youthclub Sound for reviewing this gig for us. Check out their podcast (the links are at the bottom of the page), if you’re a fan of left-field hip hop, electronica and grime, it’s a bit of a must. Big things to come […]

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Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown

This month, the playlist focuses on UK hip hop, mostly released in the last couple of years.

Hope you enjoy it!

Vicky T

Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown by Vicky T on Mixcloud

Akala – Sun Tzu
Chester P – The Sermon
Sonny Jim – Diablo (illinformed mix)
Activist – Struggle was real
Skuff (ft DJ […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for November

Remember, remember the 5th November, gunpowder, treason and plot.

Actually scratch that. This month, remember the birth of the Universal Zulu Nation instead: unity, peace and hip hop. To celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of the birth of the collective, the UK branch of the global movement have put together an incredible […]

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Album Review: A State of Mind – Jade Amulet

There’s a few things in this life that make me a bit queasy. The sound of people cracking their knuckles. The feel of cotton wool. And the phrase “concept album”.

The phrase “concept album” makes me think of greasy boys with poor personal hygiene and questionable haircuts who cling to a […]

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Album Review: Ollie Teeba – Short Order

Ollie Teeba joins a stellar line-up alongside Mr.Thing and the legendary Norman Jay M.B.E. to celebrate Slowdown Sounds 3rd Birthday in Leeds at Mint in Leeds on 30th October.

Words by: Zak Avery

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In real life, I spend my time buying and selling what has become known as “craft beer”. […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for October

Typical. Summer’s officially finished and so of course the sun decides to put in a rare appearance; just when you’ve packed away your summer wardrobe and started eyeing up the parkas and the puffa jackets. Luckily, though, several of these new tunes have a decidedly summery feel so if you […]

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Great Scott – This Is Heavy (Album Review)

Words by Sam Bennett Follow @TheRealPP

The heavy funk influence on Derby duo Great Scott’s album This Is Heavy is instantaneously interesting and infectious. These two guys have matched crisp, hip-hop production with cutting brass and melodic, up-tempo flows. An arrangement like this works impeccably live, and it’s a shame […]

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