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Rhyme and Reason – Episode Five: We Don’t Stop

Bored of people who know no better complaining that hip hop is all just violence, misogyny and consumerism? People stuck in the mythical golden age complaining that hip hop today has lost consciousness? This month, the playlist takes aim at these arguments and lays them to rest.

Rhyme and Reason Episode […]

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LIVE REVIEW: Angel Haze @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds 13/01/16

Leeds can be a fickle place, and sometimes shows that look like stellar bookings end up as an almost empty room so it was good to see that, although not a sell-out, the room was pretty full by the time Angel Haze wandered on to the stage around 9.30pm. Not […]

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Rhyme and Reason – Episode Four: Best of 2015

What a brilliant year for hip hop! I couldn’t squeeze this into an hour, so here’s almost two hours of some of the best releases from the last 12 months.
Thanks for listening, and happy Christmas XX

Rhyme and Reason Episode 4: The Best of 2015 by Vicky T on Mixcloud


Intro: […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for December

It’s Christmas!! Season to guzzle down gaudy coloured cocktails that taste of shampoo on an empty stomach, pay five times the normal price for a taxi, five times the normal price to get into a club, and experience five times the size of a normal hangover every single morning for […]

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Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown

This month, the playlist focuses on UK hip hop, mostly released in the last couple of years.

Hope you enjoy it!

Vicky T

Rhyme and Reason Episode 3: Homegrown by Vicky T on Mixcloud

Akala – Sun Tzu
Chester P – The Sermon
Sonny Jim – Diablo (illinformed mix)
Activist – Struggle was real
Skuff (ft DJ […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for November

Remember, remember the 5th November, gunpowder, treason and plot.

Actually scratch that. This month, remember the birth of the Universal Zulu Nation instead: unity, peace and hip hop. To celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of the birth of the collective, the UK branch of the global movement have put together an incredible […]

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Preview: Mick Jenkins – Headrow House 18th October 2015

Mick Jenkins has figured more than any other artist in the last ten months of reviews on this site. And now he’s playing live in Leeds at the brand new Headrow House, as part of the Beacons metro festival on the 18th October.

Jenkins is based in Chicago, a city that […]

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No Hype Just Pure Dope – Five for October

Typical. Summer’s officially finished and so of course the sun decides to put in a rare appearance; just when you’ve packed away your summer wardrobe and started eyeing up the parkas and the puffa jackets. Luckily, though, several of these new tunes have a decidedly summery feel so if you […]

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Five For September

Words by Vicky T Follow @vixx24

How did it get to be autumn already? The nights are darker earlier, the mornings are lighter later, and soon there’ll be conkers on the pavements and mince pies for sale at the all night garage. Don’t let it get you down though, because […]

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Rhyme and Reason – Episode One: American women

First of a new monthly podcast, with each episode focussing on a different theme. First up, some of the best women MC’s in the states taking in some well-known artists as well as some newer names. What do you think? If you think I missed anyone, tell me in the […]

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