The Undisputed event is nearly upon us. Eight elite b-boys, winners of the world’s biggest b-boy competitions this year, are all about to grace the 02 Academy Stage London this Sunday for a battle like no other.

We asked 15 & 16 year old Leeds B-boys Maroof (SG/MR) and Sneaky (SG/MBB/MR) to give us their run down on who could take the game-changing prize of being the undisputed greatest B-boy of current times.



A truly artistic and unique bboy, who I believe inspires a lot of today’s generation of breakers. His unique transitions and endless signatures will see him succeed at least to the final, but personally, I think, victory.


A very creative and unpredictable style, known for his strength in musicality over the years. He and his crew Polskee Flavor are inspiring figures and I believe everyone has high expectations of Kleju.


An Algerian veteran who is no stranger to bright lights and big stages. However his bad attitude at BC One last month has brought upon him a bad reputation… could this weekend be his turning point?


Very dynamic bboy whose style is rapid and swift. He proved himself at BC One this year after wiping out 2x champ Lilou, who is also a competitor this weekend. Alkolil’s warrior-like presence could definitely see him getting far in this competition.


He blew up at IBE this year earning the title and a place in Undisputed. I think his style and battle techniques could prove worthy for him.


Issei is reputable for his extreme power moves, but he’s also got real style in his arsenal. He is a very strong competitor in this competition.

El Nino

Nice power moves, nice style, could get far depending on the moment. His execution and transitions are his main artillery. He is also in The Squadron, a very inspiring crew to me so I’m hoping he’ll do well at Undisputed.


rI think Gravity has been training very hard and hitting lots of jams. He also killed it at BC ONE, I can’t wait to see his performance at Undisputed.

Thankyou to Maroof and Sneaky for dropping the knowledge and best of luck to all the b-boys on Sunday.